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Songbird Botanicals Story

Even when your days are completely hectic, taking time for yourself is absolutely necessary to ensure your mind and body is fully nourished. It is so very easy to become consumed by our everyday demands at work and home and our to do lists can seem like an endless hurdle.

My brand has been created with a vision to help you encompass your own self care ritual and feel good vibes. A deep bubble bath, your favourite book, a beautifully scented candle and organic skincare to help you feel completely soothed and relaxed.


My candles are all designed and hand poured by myself using a blend of Rapeseed and Coconut wax. This ensures that you have the cleanest possible burn. They have been designed to a modern and minimalist effect to reflect the beauty of simple, quiet self care. I use only the most high quality fragrance oils that are vegan friendly and phthalate free.

My skin care has all been created using only organic plant and food based ingredients in the most simplistic form. The ingredients I use are simple, focused and stripped of anything unnecessary. 


Love Zoe,

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