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Compulsory Product Brag - Pink Clay Face Mask

What if you could have completely natural, organic and Earth friendly skincare that doesn't actually cost you all that much of your hard earned money? Do you ever look at the ingredients on the back of your products and find it hard to pronounce half of the names, let alone understand them? Nearly all shop bought products (and yes, even those who claim to be organic), will have harsh chemicals in them, these chemicals take all just 26 seconds to enter your blood stream, and are only there to actually give your product a longer shelf life, which you don't even really need once its bought, as if your love your skincare routine, its something you would use every day right? So why put these nasties onto our skin and into our blood stream?

All our products are made in small batches and come completely free of any synthtetic chemicals, instead in the form of plant based botanicals.

Our Pink Clay Mask is packed full of goodies to gently exfoliate your skin, all while you sit back in a deep bubble bath and sip your wine. Containing French Pink Clay to reduce inflammation and irritation and helping your skin to promote cell renewal, White Kaolin Clay to soften, detoxify and fight spots, Rosehip Powder to help fight signs of aging, Rose Petal Powder to help to reduce scars left over from acne, it tightens skin, removes blocked pores and hides blemishes, and lastly, Chamomile Flower Powder with anti septic properties, helping your skin to heal and neutralize free radicals. Phew, all this from one evening in the tub, indulging in a little self-care, amazing!

As our mask comes in dry form, (did you know that when water and liquids are added to your product, it increases the growth of mould and bacteria? Yuck!) The mask can be a little more tricky to apply, but follow these steps and it'll be perfect.

What you'll need:

1. A spoon

2. A small mixing dish

3. An application brush.


1. Add about 2 scoops of the mask into the mixing dish.

2. Gentle and slowly, add small drops of water at a time to the powder, mixing in between, until a nice paste is formed, try not to add too much as this will make it too runny and you cant take away the water, but you can add more gently.

3. Using the application brush, gently apply all over your face and neck, avoiding the delicate eye area. Sit back, relax, sip wine and read a book/listen to your favourite podcast.

4. After 15-20 minutes, rinse with warm water.

5. Tell all your family and friends about this amazing new face mask, that they NEED. RIGHT. NOW.

If you like to tailor your skincare to your needs, I have left this mask free from any essential oils, so you can add your own if desired. Here are my favourite oils and their benefits:

Lavender - stress relief.

Grapefruit - treats discolouration, anti aging and protects from sun damage.

Rose - Hydrates and reduces signs of aging.

Neroli - reduces inflammation, helps stress and enhances your mood.

For the next few days, this jar of magic is on offer on the website with 25% off. Just enter code rainyday25 at the checkout! Yay!

I hope you enjoy my products and become future SB junkies of natural beauty and skincare.

Much Love, Zoe, Songbird Botanicals creator XX

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