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My 1st Blog....Oh sweet Jesus!

Okay, so I've put this 'getting your first blog outta the way' thing off for way too long! Why? Because I find it bloody scary! I feel exposed, will people think i'm boring? ( I probably am, but who cares)? Will I sound pointless? Honestly, my worries are endless, when in truth nobody really even cares. But the fear has been a little like that time in uni where I had to stand up in front of actual people and do a presentation. I was so scared I don't remember any of it, and that was when I knew I would never be a teacher! But I think the real reason i'm doing a blog is to find out how these thingys actually work?!

I don't want to completely bore the panties off you, so ill keep as brief as I can (for now) without babbling on too much, like i'm already doing, ooops, but if you've read this far, you're doing great, keep going! So heres a little about me and what I do. <<< That's me over there, and my eldest beauty Emilie, she helps me a lot by sniffing fragrances and being blatantly honest about them being good or bad, so you can rest assured, your candle smells amazing with the honesty of an 8 year old.

It all started out about 4 or 5 years ago, when I was a bit bored and wanted to experiment with my creative side, around my job and being a mam, you know, something just for me. And what did I love, I loved candles, but I also knew they emitted all kinds of gruesome stuff into the air, so I began and little research into clean burning candles, and hello soy wax! I was hooked from the first little tea cup tester that I poured. It has come a long way since the tea cup days, and I have spent sooo much time finding my style, brand, packaging, and the types of fragrances I want to give you. I have designed and created every single last tiny detail myself, and feeling a teeny bit proud of how far its come so far, with still so much more to achieve.

It was while I was swotting over this whole clean living vibes that I came across a heading that absolutely shocked me. It was something along the lines of 'It takes just 26 seconds for our skincare products to get into our blood stream'. 26 SECONDS! What in the holy crap have I been putting inside my body all these years, and more importantly, into my child. The thing I love more than anything on this Earth! Yes, I was guilty to trusting the high street shop brands, I mean, if they're sold in a shop, they must be safe right? WRONG! They're full of so many harsh chemicals that the majority of us know absolutely nothing about. Que more research into organic, plant and food based skincare that I could create for myself and my family and I haven't looked back.

My little business really is all fresh and new in its early stages, but already we (I), its still only me, have a lovely collection of cocosoy candles in a range of beautiful jars, five super sophisticated fragrances to choose from, a luxury water free, organic face mask and carefully curated self care gift sets (which I must confess, are absolutely devine).

On top of making sure we live in a clean environment and being mindful of what we place on our skin, my other goal with my business is to just help you feel well! We all have moments throughout our day that are crappy, so I really hope my giftsets help you to come home, run that bath, pour the that large glass of wine, light your favourite Songbird Botanicals candle, apply the face mask and chuck on the music, unwind and eradicate all the stresses of your day. I want you to completely lose yourself in self care and self love whenever you need to, its not selfish, its a necessity. And an absolute delightful one.

If you have read this far, thank you so much! Your deserve a medal! Hopefully I will now get the hang of this crazy world of blogging soon and I can share much more with you. Lots of information on new products, benefits of organic skincare, our favourite scent of the moment and maybe some snippets of behind the scenes of my crazy hectic little life. I may actually get some sleep tonight now with this finally ticked off my 'to-do' list. Or more than likely, ill lie here til 3am thinking up my next one!

Lots of Love.



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