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RE-USE our containers guys.

When I first started my business, one thing I was sure of was that I wanted to try and be as environmentally friendly as possible, but I will be brutally honest, I didn't really have a clue where to start. About running a business or how to keep absolutely everything eco-friendly. What I did know was that I loved making candles and skincare. The candles smelt absolutely amazing and making my own plant and food based skincare had done absolute wonders for my otherwise dried out skin from some of the more expensive brands and their abrasive ingredients.

So had to start right from the drawing board, if I religiously preached about eco friendly products, I need to source eco friendly packaging right? So I made the consious decision to ensure all my products were put into eco friendly glass containers. My containers and labels are kept minimal to reflect the simple nature that our skincare and lives ought to be.

On lots of swotting in the evenings with a large glass of wine, I found that most skin and beauty products are packaged in plastic, which is typically non-recyclable! I will hold my hands up and admit I actually thought that maybe 95% of plastic was recyclable. And digging deeper a little more, I found that chemicals (the harmful kind) actually leach from the plastic and into your beloved skincare. By using glass containers, our handcrafted products are completely safe from any additives that would counteract the clean, simple ingredients inside.

But what I did find a challenge with the use of glass containers, was shipping! Oh my, don't I half get a complex when these beauties head off in the post with Mr heavy handed post man! What if they smash?!

It would be so easy to take the easiest option of using lightweight plastic and wrapping them in bubble wrap, but our packaging and shipping is as important to us as the ingredients we put into our products.

To ship our lovely products to you, we use recycled tissue paper, reusable and recyclable cardboard boxes and recycled shredded paper to cushion our products on their journey to you.

We always encourage our customers to reuse these materials for their own shipping and gifting needs too.


When you have finished enjoying your Songbird Botanicals candle or skincare, you can get creative with repurposing your container, or simply recycle it. But, do you know about our return to RE-USE initiative? All you have to do is simply return your empty container to us (we wash out to save you any extra work), and we'll send you a gift code for 15% off your next purchase. Re-using far out weighs recycling when it comes to protecting our planet.

If you do decide to repurpose your containers here are some ideas that our customers have come up with:

• succulent planters

• flower vase

• storage for small desktop items

• Kirby grips holder

• hair ties

• coins

• spices

• grow your own herb garden

• paintbrush holder

The list goes on. I am amazed at all the different things you can come up with once you switch on your creative mode. Let us know with pictures how you RE-USE your Songbird Botanicals containers.

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