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Why we don't use Soy anymore...

After extensive research into the sustainability of soy wax, it has somewhat bothered me about finding out the true extent of the levels of farming involved that has come with devastating effects, such as the loss of forests and habitats, and the level carbon footprint this is having on our environment.

Soy is definitely on trend right now, and you will find most candle makers use this. It is marketed as a sustainable, renewable resource, un-reliant on fossil fuels. However, claiming something is eco-friendly isn't always enough, and so I looked into the process of soy harvesting a little deeper.

Soy wax has become so popular, it has in turn started to show massive impacts on our global system.

- Soy farming now covers a total area of France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands COMBINED. This leads to:

- Deforestation, resulting in the loss of land and habitats.

- Carbon capture and sequestration

- Modern farming and agrochemicals

- Soil erosion

For soy to burn within a candle, we have also found that it is chemically distilled with nexane, bleached with chlorine, deodorized with boric acid and then hydrogenated.

So after a very quiet few months (on social media anyway), we have been doing extensive research, experimenting, testing and getting lots of late nights to offer you the most clean, ethical candles on the market by switching over to Rapeseed and Coconut wax! We haven't compromised on the scent or burn in anyway, in-fact we find the hot throw of scents in Rapeseed wax even better! Here's just a couple of benefits to using rapeseed in candles:

1 - Rapeseed comes from the oil that is harvested from the plant and is completely sustainable, with no issues of intensive farming or GMO presence.

2 - NO DEFORESTATION! Unlike soy wax.

3 - Has the lowest carbon footprint.

4 - Rapeseed wax is non-hazardous to both humans and wildlife as they do not contain any toxins when they are burned.


6 - This wax has a magnificent cold throw and hot throw!

And not forgetting, my favourite Coconut Wax! I have always used a blend of coconut wax in my candles, and this remains a purely sustainable additive as it is a high yield crop, gives the cleanest and longest burn and is fully obtained by natural processes. We love to use this blend as it throws scent really well, the only downside is because it is so fabulous, its really expensive, but we don't care! Only the best will do here.

Id love to hear your reviews once you buy your new candle!

Much love,

Zoe, Songbird Botanicals.


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