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World Candle Day, March 1st 2021

Who would have thought this would have become an actual day heh?

I think everyone by now knows I have a little obsession with a good candle and delicious fragrance. But i'd love to find out more about what you love from a candle?

World Candle Day is all about sharing your thoughts, knowledge and love for these little jars of wonder that can help us de-stress, bring nostalgia through their scents, provide a cosy space or kinky space or just add an air of sweet ambience. I tend to really love lighting candles after my house has had a good clean, im all relaxed and I can pour myself a glass of wine and read a good book.

But what about things such as a clean burn, eco-friendly ingredients and strong scent throws? Are these factors you look for when you purchase candles? We all know you can pick up a candle from a high street store very cheaply, but the quality is usually really poor. There's no scent throw and it blackens your walls!

I'd love to hear all you candle lovers thoughts and tips. What do you look for in the perfect candle? What scents do you love? Does a certain candle scent bring back memories? Kabuki is definitely a favourite of mine that reminds me a trip we spent at a shepherds hut. When do you find you love to light yours? When the kids are in bed I bet!

Share your candle pictures this weekend and use hashtag #songbirdbotanicalsworldcandleday

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